Ara Hovsepyan

Ara's architectural experience includes everything from large public buildings and steel structures to single family homes. His approach integrates high performance in energy efficiency and user experience to achieve distinctive architectural results.

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Arthur Badalian

With more than nine years experience as an architectural designer, Arthur goes beyond solving functional needs and experiments with materials, form, technology, and concepts. He balances innovative design, site specificity, and the client's needs to achieve an inspired view of the environment around us.

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Cabin A

Now powered by Tesla's Solar Roof

Cabin A

We use the A-frame as it allows for the creation of an architectural form with fewer surfaces than usual, simplifying the construction process. This form contains a steep angle on either side, providing large surfaces ideal for solar panels that can be used differently for different locations, and that will shed snow and water. The cabin is lifted off of the ground to minimize its penetrating footprint. Either stairs or a ramp can be attached to the platform.

Cabin A

The interior provides flexible space, in which tables can rotate and create different combinations of floor plans. Hay is used between the wood ribs for its high insulation value and spatial quality. Cabin A provides sleeping areas for up to 10 people (six below, and four on the mezzanine), composting, a storage area, rainwater collection, a kitchen, and a fireplace for both interior warmth and cooking.

Cabin A ACabin A

We plan for a crew of a few people, enthusiasts, to be able to camp out for approximately one week to assemble Cabin A without heavy equipment.